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About the Exhibit

Heroes and Villains: Silver Age Comics at Atkins Library is an exhibit of Silver Age superhero comic books from J. Murrey Atkins Library Special Collections. The exhibit particularly highlights comics of the era published by industry leaders DC Comics and Marvel Comics.

Lasting from the mid-1950s to the early 1970s, the Silver Age of American comic books was a time of creative and commercial resurgence for the medium following a post-World War II decline.

Comic book superheroes, largely abandoned by publishers after the war in favor of genres like horror, science fiction, and romance, reclaimed their place in popular culture. During this era, Spider-Man spun his first web, the Avengers assembled, and Depression era characters such as Batman and Superman reached new heights of popularlity. In the Silver Age, comic book artists and writers made contributions to American popular culture that resonate to this day.

The comics featured in the exhibit were generously donated to the library by Charles K. Johnston in 1968.

Selected comics from the collection will be on display on the first floor of Atkins Library from November to December 2012. This online exhibit gives visitors the opportunity to view additional treasures from the collection.

For more information on the library's collections, visit J. Murrey Atkins Library Special Collections. Visit Comic Book Collection for a full list of Silver Age comic books in Special Collections.